Crypto-asset savings platform ICONFi has introduced its mobile app on Android and iOS.

As confirmed in a release shared with CI, available globally, ICONFi aims to offer simple, flexible, and fixed earning products that allow investors to grow and diversify their digital asset holdings. The platform supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and ICX tokens, with more assets to be added in the future. The service has surpassed $10 million in assets under management from early users

ICONFi claims that it’s the very first digital asset savings platform to apply for K-ISMS certification, which was introduced by the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) “to ensure the security and privacy of data through a stringent set of control requirements.”

KISA established the K-ISMS in order to safeguard or protect the IT infrastructure within Korea, assisting initiatives such as ICONFi with applying these industry best practices “when it comes to risk management and security.”

Sean Kim, Founder of ICONFi, stated:

“Many digital asset companies avoid ISMS certification due to the high cost of compliance, but we felt it was important to build ICONFi with the most robust safety and security protocols for our users. South Korea is a global leader in developing high standards for financial services, so this pending certification will help set ICONFi apart as among the first fully-compliant digital asset staking-and-earn service.”

With ICONFi, users are able to easily create an account and add BTC, ETH, USDT, or ICX tokens to begin earning interest. Their crypto-assets are then “compounded automatically every four hours, more often than any competing platform,” the announcement noted. It also mentioned that users are able to withdraw their “flexible” product digital assets “at any time, with fixed product deposit periods ranging from 30 to 180 days.”

Along with earning additional interest, ICONFi aims to simplify the staking process for ICX tokens, requiring only “two clicks to start.”

Kim remarked:

“Complex crypto products have prevented many potential users from growing their digital asset investments. ICONFi solves this with a simple, secure, low-friction app that helps beginners get involved with yield products and services. We hope this will help create a more inclusive and diverse ICON community, while acting as a gateway to more advanced DeFi products.” 

Notable features for ICX holders include:

Easy Staking for Rewards. This feature “simplifies the staking process, and helps ICX holders earn staking rewards more easily.”

Auto ICX Claiming and Re-Staking for More Rewards. Many users get frustrated with the process of having to manually claim and re-stake their crypto-assets. This “highly requested” feature can automate the process to speed up staking, and helps to “further secure the ICON network.”

Staking and Earn Support for Additional Digital Assets. ICONFi will “support savings products for digital assets outside of the ICON network, starting with BTC, ETH, and USDT” and support for other cryptocurrencies will be “based on community interest,” the announcement confirmed.

ICONFi is led by Sean Kim, an expert in financial products and related or underlying trading systems. The ICONFi team has 15 employees on its payroll with diverse backgrounds in quantitative trading, asset management, business operations and blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT). Since first “teasing” plans for ICONFi in November of last year, over $25 million in capital has reportedly been “committed to the platform.”

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