2021-03-31 13:20:56

Polkaman, Statera, YFDAI Finance Could Shoot up 1000x!

Analyst and Youtuber Tom, in a new video dives into low-cap altcoin gems that have the potential to rise 1000X, in the 2021 bull cycle, these altcoins although involve high risk but could gain massive rewards.


First up on his list is the animated digital collection Polkaman. This project’s ICO starts today, i.e 31st March. Although it has not been launched yet, the analyst believes it is great on the whitepaper, website, and social media community. Each Polkaman is backed by unique and indistinguishable  NFT’s, and the platform has other cool projects too.

Another pick he makes in Statera. This protocol merges a traditional concept to Crypto. It is a smart contract-powered index deflationary token, which combines Index funds with Crypto.

He further says they have use cases with the potential for further adaptability. The website, community connect, and future projects are reliable and worth the risk.

His final pick in the video was Metaverse ETP, this project combines Augmented Reality with Crypto which is quite rare, and the analyst believes it will have real-world use cases and further adoption. Not to forget the AR and VR industry is worth billions of dollars 

Microcap DeFi Tokens

It is currently ranked at 769, with a market cap of 22M, and has a lot of room for growth according to the analyst.

“..Again if you look at the white paper, teak, and what’s happening on the website, there’s a lot of good stuff happening for this project, and I feel it does have the ability to be adopted in the future”.

The other Defi protocol he believes in is APY Finance. The analyst says it has a lot of potential for going to a greater level of yield farming and they are partnered with various other Defi protocols too.

It is now ranked at 578 with a $43.7M market cap.

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