2021-03-10 08:00:00

New Altcoin Season Underway! Analyst’s Top Picks for the Season

Popular trader and analyst with Twitter handle @CryptoCapo_ popular for his bullish bitcoin says that altcoins head towards a greater start. He explains that he is closely analyzing the performance of altcoins and anticipates them to reach an all-time high.


The analyst is widely known in the industry as Capo, tells his 59,500 Twitter followers to keep a watch on these five altcoins this season. To back his alt season predictions Capo looks at the Bitcoin Dominance Index, which analysts rely on to predict whether altcoins will outperform bitcoin. 

ETH Price might be on an all-time high as it traded above $1700. Ether has already soared 130% in 2021. Bitcoin is still in its recovery mode, while Ether is already rising above outperforming bitcoin. 

Not in a latest tweet but few months back capo believed that, 

When the ETH/BTC chart is bullish, it’s good for altcoins. When it’s trending up, an alt season is likely.

Technicals show a bullish trend for ETH-based Balancer BAL. Being built on ethereum platform BAL is one of the most active cryptos in the market.

Capo’s next coin on the list was Reserve Rights Token RSR. As per crypto Markets data analysis, the RSR token has increased more than 320% since Jan. 1, going from $0.0196 to a new all-time high of $0.829 on March 8. 

Verasity 2021 roadmap might be promising. The e-sports and video entertainment protocol have managed to end its 6-month downtrend bringing it back into the game.  

“VRA – Before vs. After. Squiggles don’t lie. Bearish market structure is broken after a deviation. Fundamentals are good.”

The last coin Capo is bullish about is SAND, a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. SAND price today is $0.480155. 

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