2021-03-26 21:03:22

Five Altcoins Might Change the Fate of Investors Soon !

Ben Armstrong says these cheap and affordable Altcoins can turn investors into millionaires he sees possibilities of them turning the tables and they can soon hit the charts with their new all-time highs.



NPXS, the native token of PundiX, a PoS solution provider has recently announced staking and a token burn to reduce their supply. Its value has soared high in the past 48 hours. In only two days, the NPXS price on Binance has increased over 130%, crushing most of the major cryptocurrencies on the exchange.


The next on his radar is Holochain. The platform recently founded an app called Elemental chat, which operates on HoloPorts. The proposal is also intending to allow web users to log into the application through HoloPort. They are now planning to redeploy the app.

“[Holochain] is one of the few projects that have dared to think beyond blockchain. While blockchain is still an emerging technology, there have certainly been some problems within it. Holochain takes the idea of blockchain and expands upon it, making Holochain faster and more decentralized than anything blockchain itself has to offer.”


Bittorrent Token (BTT) also reported an overnight increase of 4.5%, proceeding its weekly rally that saw the token rise 110% in seven days. At the time of writing, BTT was trading at $0.00325188..

The project said on Twitter that the number of BTT miners on the network had grown exponentially over the past few days to reach a new all-time high. The growing popularity on tik tok might be the reason for the sudden surge and One thing is for sure, the TikTok crowd loves cheap coins, and BitTorrent is a natural fit.”


The fourth one on his list is Harmony. It processes as a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, using a concept called sharding which permits for the creation of new blocks in seconds. It strives to solve Ethereum’s scaling problems in the near future well before ETH 2.0 rolls out with sharding.

According to CoinmarketCap it recorded a surge of over 700% since the start of this month when it was trading at $0.0235. Harmony price today is $0.182160 at the time of writing.


Lastly he names VeChain which is a blockchain platform constructed to improve supply chain management and business processes.

“There’s no stronger project in the supply chain tracking space… the fact is VeChain is a solution to a huge problem in the world, has strong fundamentals and strong technicals, and it’s still under a dime.

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