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Fast Fortune Club Review – Tom Gentile Microcurrency Trading System

Fast Fortune Club is a financial analysis newsletter led by Tom Gentile.

Tom claims to have spotted “a new way to make money that crushed stocks by 3,343%.” He claims that moneymaking method will continue growing over the coming years, potentially delivering huge windfalls to investors.

Should you subscribe to Fast Fortune Club? What will you learn from Fast Fortune Club? Find out everything you need to know about Fast Fortune Club and its new marketing campaign today in our review.

What is Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club is an investment analysis newsletter published online through Money Map Press (MoneyMapSubscriptions.com).

The newsletter is led by Tom Gentile, described as “America’s top trading expert” by the official Fast Fortune Club website.

Tom has been an investment analyst and stock trader for 30 years. Tom claims he’s spotted a new investment opportunity that is unlike anything he has seen before.

To learn more about Tom’s new investment opportunity, you need to subscribe to Fast Fortune Club today. If you subscribe to Fast Fortune Club, you get a free report discussing Tom’s new investment opportunity – and how you can get a stake.

What is Tom’s New Way to Make Money?

Tom claims to have spotted “a new way to make money.”

That moneymaking method, according to Tom, has crushed stocks by 3,343%, delivering much higher gains than what we’ve seen from the rest of the market.


Tom expects this moneymaking method to continue growing in the near future because of a “$14.2 trillion boost.”

Tom is confident his method could lead to huge windfalls for investors. He claims “it could mint a new class of millionaires” and that “the windfalls could be staggering.”

To learn what Tom is talking about, you need to watch his new promotional video or read his text presentation. At the end of the presentation, you learn that Tom is talking about altcoins (cryptocurrencies that aren’t bitcoin), which he describes as “microcurrencies.”

The Fast Fortune Club official website is full of stories of ordinary investors earning huge returns through crypto. Tom dazzles investors with stories of ordinary people earning 88,000% returns on investment by buying the right coin at the right time.

By subscribing to Fast Fortune Club today, you can discover how to get a slice and potentially earn huge returns on investment.

What Are Microcurrencies?

Tom calls altcoins cryptocurrencies “microcurrencies.” He describes them as high-risk, high-reward assets that could deliver huge gains for investors.


While other investment gurus describe cryptocurrencies as powerful investments guaranteed to rise, Tom takes a more reasonable approach, acknowledging they’re “highly speculative” assets and that “some plays will lose money.” However, he still believes they’re worthwhile to investors because the gains can be staggering:

“…here’s the beauty of these microcurrencies…You don’t need a lot of money. You can start with a small amount. A hundred dollars if you’d like. And because this is highly speculative, some plays will lose money. But the profit potential if we’re able to hit a few big wins could be absolutely staggering.”

In the crypto world, we have bitcoin, and then we have every other coin. They’re generally known as altcoins – or alternative coins. Tom calls them microcurrencies.

The world’s largest microcurrency is Ether (ETH), the currency that powers Ethereum. It’s the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, trailing only bitcoin. In 2021, ETH reached highs of around $2,000 after a surge in crypto markets.

By looking at even smaller altcoins, however, investors could earn huge returns on investment. Some altcoins are priced at fractions of a penny, then shoot up several hundred percent within a day, reaping huge returns for investors. We saw something similar happen with Dogecoin (DOGE) at the beginning of 2021.

Here’s how Tom explains the investment potential of microcurrencies:

“…I’m blowing the lid off a little-known market that has the potential to be the absolute most lucrative I’ve seen in my life…A little, virtually unknown market that’s been crushing the stock market by a margin of 33 to 1 in the last 12 months.”

The sales page for Fast Fortune Club is filled with stories of investors buying altcoins at the right time, then earning huge returns. The sales page mentions returns of 3,297% to 2,412,850%.

Tom acknowledges that these gains are from people who “timed it just right,” and that these gains are anything but typical. Nevertheless, some people make similar gains through altcoin trading every day.

How to Make Money Through Microcurrency Investing

Tom has a simple three-step process for making money through microcurrency investing:

Step 1) Buy a microcurrency with US dollars.

Step 2) Wait for the microcurrency to make a move.

Step 3) Sell it and exchange it back for US dollars.

If the microcurrency goes up, then you’ve made a profit. Tom cites one altcoin (QTUM) that sold for $0.30 on its launch date, then rose to over $100, creating enormous gains for early investors.

LISK, similarly, was priced at just $0.07 at launch, rising to $38.80 in less than two years. That’s a gain of 55,328%.

Stratis launched for less than $0.01, rising to $21.21 in 18 months to deliver 102,338% returns.

By picking the right altcoin and timing the markets right, investors could get lucky and enjoy similar returns through microcurrency investing.

It’s Easy to Trade Microcurrencies

Tom’s point is that it’s easy for anyone to trade microcurrencies. You don’t need to have experience with bitcoin. You don’t even need to have experience with investing.


Instead, all you need is a trading account on a cryptocurrency brokerage.

As more banks open crypto trading to customers, it’s becoming easier than ever to trade cryptocurrencies. You no longer have to resort to shady exchanges or send selfies of yourself holding your driver’s license to weird email addresses; you can buy and sell crypto through Robinhood and other places where you already trade.

When you subscribe to Fast Fortune Club today, Tom teaches you how to easily start trading microcurrencies, potentially earning large returns on investment.


Tom Finds Hidden Patterns in Microcurrency Markets

By learning to spot patterns, you can find hidden movements in microcurrency markets. Tom has 30 years of experience spotting patterns in markets, and that’s why he’s confident he can spot patterns in certain microcurrency markets.


In fact, he has backtested his analysis on previous microcurrency markets to verify it works. He’s confident it can help predict certain aspects of future microcurrency markets.

Tom describes two types of waves he has spotted in the microcurrency space, including:

Long-term currency wave

Short-term currency wave

In his quick start guide, Tom describes how to identify these waves and other patterns, helping to inform your crypto trades. Tom’s video explains how long-term and short-term currency waves work – and how you can spot those trades to make big returns.


What’s Included with Fast Fortune Club?

By subscribing to Fast Fortune Club today, you can learn how to trade cryptocurrencies, which Tom describes as “microcurrencies.”


All new subscribers receive a bundle of reports discussing microcurrencies and how to start trading. Here’s what you get with all new subscriptions to Fast Fortune Club:

Monthly Issues of Fast Fortune Club: Your subscription comes with monthly issues of Fast Fortune Club, a monthly advisory service that features stock recommendations, trade analysis, market news, and research.


Microcurrency Quick-Start Guide: This eBook is a crash course on altcoin / microcurrency investing. Tom provides step-by-step instructions on getting started with microcurrency trading. He explains how to set up a trading account, get up and to run in minutes, and never miss a day in the aggressive markets. He claims you can get started with altcoin trading even if you only have $100 to invest.


Microcurrency Trading Crash Course: This is a video version of Tom’s microcurrency course. He goes into further detail about trading analysis. He explains how to spot patterns on markets, including the long-term and short-term currency waves. The video teaches you the basics of altcoin trading in 30 minutes.


Email & Text Alerts: Tom claims to have software that tells him when to buy and sell certain assets. When Tom’s software says it’s time to buy or sell a microcurrency, he’ll send an alert to Fast Fortune Club subscribers by email or text (optional). You can get up-to-the-minute trading recommendations based on Tom’s proprietary software, helping you make maximum profits.


Money Rush Bonus Recommendations: Tom sends subscribers two Money Rush bonus recommendations every month. These are recommendations for specific publicly-traded stocks that Tom believes will rise shortly in the coming days. Tom insists his Money Rush stock recommendations are “probably the fastest way to make money you’ll ever see,” allowing investors to “capture profits daily” and earn huge returns on investment. In fact, Tom claims his recommended stocks can help you make money in “minutes. Maybe an hour tops.”


Microcurrency Bonus Recommendations: By subscribing to Fast Fortune Club today, you get two bonus recommendations every month. Tom will recommend investing in two specific microcurrencies to potentially earn huge returns from the booming microcurrency market. Tom describes microcurrencies (altcoins) as “the biggest moneymaker I’ve ever seen.”



Weekly Money Hour Call: Each week, Tom hosts a new live Money Hour call. Each call features a new, fast trade recommendation for viewers.

Fast Fortune Club Pricing

Fast Fortune Club is priced at $79 to $99 per year, depending on your subscription package.

Here’s how pricing breaks down, and what’s included with each package:


Best Deal ($99 Per Year)

Includes two-year membership to Fast Fortune Club

Immediate access to all your recommendations, plus new recommendations every month

Weekly live Money Hour calls with Tom

Email and text alerts

Monthly market analysis videos

Access to the Fast Fortune Network

Immediate access to three bonus reports, including:

Bonus Report #1: The Speculator’s Dream: 3 Ultra Microcurrency Trades You Can Buy for Under 40 Cents

Bonus Report #2: 10 Short Squeeze Stocks That Could Be the Next GameStop

Bonus Report #3: The Secret Way to Profit on Bitcoin’s Massive Success


Great Deal ($79 Per Year)

Includes one-year membership to Fast Fortune Club

Immediate access to all your recommendations, plus new recommendations every month

Weekly live Money Hour calls with Tom.

Email and text alerts

Monthly market analysis videos

Access to the Fast Fortune network

Your credit card will be automatically charged $79 or $99 one year from today, depending on which package you chose. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Fast Fortune Club Refund Policy

Fast Fortune Club comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not happy with the investment recommendations in Fast Fortune Club, or if you did not earn a profit through the micro currency recommendations, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days.

Who is Tom Gentile?

Tom Gentile is an investment analyst described as “America’s #1 pattern trader” by Money Map Press, his employer.

Tom launched a financial technology company called Optionetics, exiting that company in 2009 for millions of dollars. Ever since Tom has dedicated his career to teaching people how to trade, today, he teaches people what he learned from 30 years of professional trading experience.

In addition to running Fast Fortune Club, Tom leads trading newsletters like Tom Gentile’s Trading Circle, also published by Money Map Press.

About Money Map Press

Money Map Press is a financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid subscription services.


The company employs a team of financial analysts and investment experts, including Michael A Robinson, Bill Patalon, and Tom Gentile.

Other notable newsletters from Money Map Press include Project 303, Nova-X Report, Private Briefing, Money Map Report, and Microcurrency Trader, among others.

You can contact Money Map Press via the following:

Phone: 1-888-384-8339

Phone (International): 1-443-353-4519

Mailing Address: 1125 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Final Word

Fast Fortune Club is a financial analysis newsletter from Money Map Press. The newsletter is led by Tom Gentile, a trader with 30 years of experience.

Tom claims the microcurrency market is poised to explode shortly. By learning to invest in microcurrencies today, investors could reap huge returns in the future. Some people call these assets microcurrencies, while others call them altcoins. They’re cryptocurrencies that aren’t bitcoin.

By subscribing to Money Map Press today for $79 to $99, you get a quick start guide on microcurrency trading. Tom explains how microcurrency trading works, how to spot patterns, and how to maximize your chances of earning money.

To learn more about Fast Fortune Club or to subscribe today, visit MoneyMapPress.com.

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