2021-03-25 07:38:35

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson to Sell His Famous Tweet as an NFT

IOHK and Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson have now announced he would be selling his infamous tweet as a non-fungible token on Ethereum based platform Valuable by Cent.


In a recent stream on periscope, he talked about NFT’s and why he decided to sell his Tweet.

“One of the things I always do just being curious about the industry and as an entrepreneur, is I just try out platforms and so I read in the papers that Jack Dorsey sold the tweet and I said am going to go try that out,” he said.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s tweet was sold for a whopping $2.9 Million.

The Legendary Tweet

Hoskinson on Twitter posted that he is selling his legendary tweet. The tweet is of an unpleasant conversation between him and MetaMask.

Back in 2018, Charles enquired MetaMask about the wallet’s delisting from Chrome Web Store, and he was asked to use the support mail.

Hoskinson’s furious reply to Metamask’s response turned into a meme, and now that’s the tweet he’s going to sell as an NFT.

As of now, buyers have started bidding for the sale, the highest bid is offered at $19000 by username @darko08.

Hours ago, he took to Twitter to inform, that the auction will end tomorrow at 12:00 MST.

In his latest stream, he told, he has already sold one before, and directed the proceeds towards charity, and the proceeds from this one could be used for Microfinance. 

NFT’s have shot to popularity with everyone hopping on the bandwagon. NFT market places have seen some insane deals in the last few months, starting with Beeple’s digital art and the Sale of famous decade-old memes of bad luck brian and a coughing cat.

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