2021-03-13 11:21:49

Breaking: Bitcoin breaks new record, nears $60,000

The fifth most valuable crypto is currently witnessing some sell-offs amid high profit-taking and a rising U.S dollar.

At press time, Cardano’s price was $1.06  with a daily trading volume of $5.3 billion. Cardano is down 4.68% for the day. It was the biggest one-day percentage loss since February 23.

It’s now the 5th most valuable crypto asset with a market value of about $34 billion.  At its highest, the popular crypto designed to help African farmers ease their payment challenges had a valuation of $41.6 billion.

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Cardano had traded in a range of $1.011458 to $1.032199 for the day.

Over the past week, the bears took a grip on the crypto as its value plunged by 13.16%.

Cardano (ADA) has been tipped to do well by many crypto experts on the account that it headed towards its smart contract launch, leading to a significant amount of applications built on Cardano.

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  • The widely known crypto among retail investors recently achieved this after a hard fork called“Mary” on March 2.
  • This hard fork will permit crypto users to create tokens that can run on the same blockchain as Cardano’s native token, ADA. This now means.
  • Cardano shares a close similarity with Ethereum, which had already allowed for the creation of new tokens on its blockchain.

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Amid the recent price drop in play, Cardano has experienced an impressive rally of late, as investors have relatively remained bullish on the fast-rising crypto asset on the bias that many crypto pundits believe it has the most decentralized project and the most friendly and simple staking seen.

That being said, Cardano’s long-term investors are having record gains as its current return on investment stands at about 4789.48%.

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