2021-03-24 05:30:11

Backstreet Boy Pits Cardano Over the Flagship Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

There’s a celebrity on the block endorsing Cardano’s hype now, it’s the member of the famous boy band Backstreet Boys Nick Carter. 


Carter, surprisingly made a Tweet, saying Cardano is better than the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It’s uncanny how he pits it with the mogul Bitcoin and not its peer Ethereum, beating which is more practical and attainable than beating Bitcoin.

This is the first time the 41-year-old artist has given any hot takes on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The tweet was followed by a storm of pushback from the Bitcoin community, one of the tweet replies read,

” ‘Cardano doesn’t produce anything and isn’t hard money. When new retail sees at the end of this bull cycle how every altcoin loses value to bitcoin substantially after the blow-off top doesn’t say they didn’t warn you.”

Followed by Twitterati storm, He later said they are all good in their own way and cryptocurrencies can co-exist. And he appreciates them all.

Cardano Hops on the Twitter Banter

The founder company of Cardano IOHK, in a quick reply to Carter, welcomed him to the Cardano family.

However, the co-founder Charles Hoskinson goofed up and made a wrong boy band reference in celebrating Nick’s support to Cardano.

Carter took this sportively, and replied to Hoskinson directing him to the right song reference which happened to be the iconic “I want it that way”.

Nick Carter is not the only celebrity to tweet about Cardano, KISS frontman Gene Simmons did too, saying he bought $300000 worth of ADA in February.

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